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I've never had a celebrity crush, I think. Have you?

Super powers

I have two super powers.

  1. super-guilt - It's a little bit like being catholic, I suppose.
  2. cuddles - the kind of touching that you can show on family TV but still makes some people uncomfortable

They aren't terribly useful powers I think, but still better than Aquaman.


I'm pretty much depressed. It's probably bad that I really don't feel like doing anything to better my situation right now and I'm mostly just looking forward to May. I feel like I've been sick for a week, but really I think I was sick for four days and then I'm sick again with something else. Whether they're directly or indirectly related I do not know.

I do like to hug and cuddle, though. I am very small and portable and compact. It's like I come in a convenient travel size.

I'm not voting

I'm just not.

Comment with a name or don't bother. There are too many comcast users in VA for me to sort out who belongs to what.

For reference, I am registered in NY. NY is not a swing state.

A Demure Proposition

I gotta be honest. I like Barack Obama for one reason and one reason only:

I'm pro-death.

Nope, I'm not pro-choice or even anti-life. The trouble with the world today is all the people. We need to stop preventing death, stop even giving life a chance to begin with. We need government money to go toward preventing more lives from even getting started. Our policies should not be based on a generational pyramid scheme, and the first step to stopping that is to stop the base from widening.

Hey, at least I'm not suggesting we eat children.

Job applications

regarding the subject: I hate doing them.


If I wanted to start reading Pratchett, where would I start?